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The Family, The Workplace and the Deep Blue Sea

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Simon Stones

From surfing in Australia to finding the bathroom in a hotel at night, not needing to feel around for glasses or fear having a contact fall out has revolutionalised Simon’s everyday confidence and helped him pursue his dreams.

"When I was at school I was on the swimming team so when I had my own children I was keen to take them to the pool. Being short-sighted this meant that every trip involved emerging from the changing rooms as blind as a bat and asking the lifeguard to point out which end was the deep end and which two of the excited blurs in front of me were my children. Not good for Daddy’s ego to say the least. Since discovering OrthoK 4 years ago I can now see everything at the pool without having to swim wearing glasses and without the fear of losing a contact lens or my children.

"Not only have I experienced the joy of returning to old interests but now have the freedom to try out new ones. I first surfed in Australia wearing contact lenses but after the first big wave had thrown me from my board I was minus one lens. This seriously affected both my ability to read the waves and my confidence in the water as every passing stick was a great white ready to bite my leg off!! As the photo shows I have been able to pursue my surfing dreams with OrthoK and I am actually getting quite good at it. I can now tell the difference between a jellyfish and an innocent plastic bag, between a good wave and one not worth bothering with, between the shadow of a cloud and a shark fin!!

"I can now tell the difference... between the shadow of a cloud and a shark fin! "

"OrthoK has also made a difference at work. I work in a dusty environment so contact lenses are out. The joy of glasses of course is that I constantly had to carry around one pair covered in paint splashes and scratches and one for actually seeing things with. I obviously then needed a third pair for looking good in at home plus contacts so that I could wear sunglasses in our lovely British summers. All in all it was expensive and quite complicated. I am a man and have appreciated how much OrthoK has simplified my life.

"In closing it is really the little things that make life with OrthoK so much better: things like waking up in the night and being able to see what time it is; waking up in a hotel room and being able to find the toilet; never again standing up and realising you’ve been sitting on your glasses; never asking friends if they have seen your glasses and having them point out with great amusement that they are perched on top of your head."


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