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Living an Active Lifestyle

Emma Rose

Emma Rose

Emma has needed vision correction since her mid twenties but glasses or contact lenses were a hinderance to many of her activities.

"Glasses and contact lenses never gave me good, clear vision. Glasses would make my eyes tired and contacts would make them dry. Every now and then I'd try the latest contact lenses but they never seemed to solve the problems and I still found them frustrating to wear." Emma found that at work her eyes would become tired or dry or that if I she was out jogging in her glasses or contact lenses that they would often get wet, or that her glasses would become foggy. "I'm also a keen skier and it's not practical, or safe, to wear glasses or contact lenses when you’re making a run down a slope, with snow falling, or flying up into your face."

"I first began using Wake and See lenses three years ago and I've never looked back."

"Contact lenses never felt right, or comfortable. I have an astigmatism, so the soft contact lenses wouldn't sit correctly either." Wake and See lenses are hard so they stay in place overnight while also incorporating the latest rigid, gas permeable contact lenses technology which provides much higher levels of oxygen permeability to eliminate dryness, even overnight.

"I first began using Wake and See lenses three years ago and I've never looked back."

No Risk

Emma was concerned about the health risks associated with laser eye surgery as well as the potentially prohibitive costs involved. "I was concerned that with laser eye surgery that something could go wrong and in the long term, as with anything to do with 'cosmetic' surgery it’s not always a life-long fix. I'd be worried that in another 15-20 years that I might need further surgery or have to wear glasses again."


For Emma the benefits of Wake and See are clear. "I have freedom of choice to do whatever I want to do without the hassle, or limitations, of glasses or contact lenses. I have perfectly clear 20:20 vision and I’m free from the irritation of contact lenses or the inconvenience of having to clean my glasses."


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