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Competing for England

Carly Wilson

Carly Wilson

As a TaeKwon-Do Black Belt, Carly is unable to use glasses or contacts, yet is too young for laser surgery. However, she discovered that Ortho K would not only allow her to compete unhindered but also may have the potential to slow her myopia.

"On an international level I compete for England, but this tough demanding contact sport does not allow glasses. For me, soft contact lenses dry out or become dislodged and I am too young for laser surgery.

"My optician suggested DreamLens Ortho K which really has been the answer to my prayers. I have perfect vision all day and now I won't have to consider laser surgery.

"My optician also mentioned the potential of slowing my myopia: I just can't believe that such a simple procedure that has so many benefits is not used by more people!"


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