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Real Life Testimonials

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Lesley Ann Mayhew Partner at Attwaters Jameson Hill of Harlow

Wake and See technology has given me perfect vision for the last two years without surgery and without glasses or contact lenses in the day!

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Charlie Palmer Liberated to Run

Charlie was becoming increasingly irritated with the symptoms caused by wearing contacts. Four years ago he tried Ortho K and now competes regularly in marathons and no longer regards himself as short-sighted.

Gary Pullan - Optomertrist

Gary Pullan The Optometrist's Choice

As an Optometrist, Gary is able to offer his daughters any type of vision correction suitable for children. However, after trying all the options, there's no going back on Ortho K.

Carly Wilson

Carly Wilson Competing for England

As a TaeKwon-Do Black Belt, Carly is unable to use glasses or contacts, yet is too young for laser surgery. However, she discovered that Ortho K would not only allow her to compete unhindered but also may have the potential to slow her myopia.

Case study image

Simon Stones The Family, The Workplace and the Deep Blue Sea

From surfing in Australia to finding the bathroom in a hotel at night, not needing to feel around for glasses or fear having a contact fall out has revolutionalised Simon’s everyday confidence and helped him pursue his dreams.

Emma Goudge

Emma Goudge Working in All Weathers

As a Paramedic, Emma needed a vision correction solution where she could give her full attention to the urgent needs of her patients without continually propping up glasses or suffering from dry eye.

Emma Rose

Emma Rose Living an Active Lifestyle

Emma has needed vision correction since her mid twenties but glasses or contact lenses were a hinderance to many of her activities.


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