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from less than £1.32 per day after registration

Wake and See offers attractive payment options that enable you to live confidently on a daily basis free of glasses or contact lenses.


There is an initial registration fee of £299. This covers the important initial stage of the treatment and covers costs including:

  • Collection of all data related to your eyes including:
    • Measurement of topography and thickness of cornea
    • Retinal health scans
    • Photographs of the front and back of the eye
  • Production of customised treatment shells
  • Any changes as needed

Payment Plans

Thereafter, there are two payment plans: 'Pay Monthly' which offers you more support and 'Pay As You Go' which gives you more flexibility but with higher cost implications up front.

Pay Monthly Pay And Go

This offers an all-inclusive care scheme; the price includes:

  • Provision of treatment shells including a spare set
  • Replacement shells every six months
  • All solutions needed
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 24 hour emergency number

Lost or broken lenses are replaced at £70 per lens.

Payment is made in advance for the whole year; the price includes:

  • Provision of 1 pair of treatment shells only
  • Annual registration

Lost or broken lenses are replaced at £250 per lens.

Cost: £49 per month Cost: £550 annually

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