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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes the lenses are fully corrected to your prescription. Some people find them comfortable enough to wear in the day and thus enhance the effect in the early stages.

We can treat from -0.50 to -5.00 and now can offer the treatment to long sighted people up to +2.00.

All day! Some people are lucky having the effect lasting more than a day. This means they do not have to wear lenses every night!

To get optimum vision we recomend the retaining shells are worn nightly. Some prescriptions allow some customers to skip evenings.

Not very! Approximatley 15 seconds per lens.

No, not at all.

Wake and See lenses otherwise know as treatment shells are only placed in the eye at the time of sleeping. When the eyes are closed they should not be uncomfortable at all. Initially some people do feel the lenses but we can provide comfort drops to control this.

Yes we have many presbyopic customers i.e those who wear varifocals, bifocals or 2 separate pairs of glasses.

State-of-the-art portable Orthokeratology equipmentYes we have portable equipment that allows us to come to you!

Yes - up to -1.50 units.


Yes. If his or her prescription is between -1 and -4.50 we can help with their sport.

The child must be up for trying them! You cannot as a parent force it upon him; we suggest you let your child come up with the idea of trying it by speaking about the options first.

Laser Surgery

We do have some very happy customers who have been lasered in the past! However the altered corneal shape can present some difficulties and results are less predictable.


Wake and See is safe and effective.

Some would argue that it may be safer than ordinary contact lenses as the treatment is only in place when asleep and thus in the eye for less time than if they were worn all day long.

Wake and See 'shells' are safe to sleep in.

Concerns that contact lenses never used to be safe date back to old soft extended wear lenses issued in the 80s and early 90s. Some users developed infections. However, todays advanced materials and care systems take the risk of these issues to a very low, acceptable safe levels.


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