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Benefits of Wake and See Ortho K Benefits for Sports and Active People

All good sportsmen and women know to keep their eyes on the ball, or focussed on the finishing line. However, to do that, even the supermen and superwomen of the Olympics occasionally need a little help to see where they’re going. Even for professional athletes, some form of vision correction is very common.

Sight correction for sports enthusiasts

Athletes often use the metaphor of tunnel vision to achieve success by blocking out peripheral distractions, although they wouldn’t want the metaphor to become real. Wake and See offers users perfectly clear 20:20 vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Unlike normal daytime contact lenses Wake and See ‘treatment shells’ are worn overnight to gently shape the user’s cornea, leaving the user with crystal clear vision during the daytime to push for the line or score the winning goal.

Glasses are a hindrance for any sports enthusiast, whether professional or recreational, and contact lenses are often equally irritating. Wake & See is the practical and safe, substitution that should not be left on the bench.

Summary of benefits

  • Clear 20:20 vision.
  • Perfect depth perception and total peripheral vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses – especially useful if you have someone running after you trying to steal the ball, or beat you to the finishing line.
  • Ability to judge distance and speed, either of a ball or of other players without the use of glasses or contact lenses.
  • Freedom from spectacles that steam up from perspiration or become foggy when the temperature changes rapidly.
  • Freedom from the irritation caused by contact lenses.
  • Freedom from any safety factors related to wearing glasses or contact lenses whilst participating in solo or group sports.

Sports-related Testimonials


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