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Benefits of Wake and See Ortho K How Can My Child Benefit from Wake and See Ortho K?

Benefits of Orthokeratology in

Children don’t like being different. They just want to fit in with everyone else. Wearing glasses is difficult for children, it can make them stand out from the crowd and whilst some children can embrace their own uniqueness with some trendy glasses, not all can.

Children can need vision correction from an early age

Some children can need to wear glasses or contact lenses from the age of 8 and even from this early age they can develop their own perceptions about their appearance and self-worth. Wearing glasses can even mark them out at being inferior at sports or nerdy.

Wearing contact lenses can be a fussy job, especially for kids. Eye hygiene can also be an issue. Contact lenses can cause irritation for your child and for you. But for most children wearing contact lenses is still better than being the kid that everyone else calls ‘four eyes’. Children can be cruel and growing up is a tough time.

Contact lenses can make children feel more confident about how they look and how they are viewed by their peers although obviously the best solution would be to not have to wear them at all. Eye laser surgery is not recommended for children but you can still offer your child the best of both worlds.

Wake and See Orthokeratology for Children

With Wake and See your child will only have to wear ‘treatment shells’ at night when they're asleep, which also means less hassle for everyone.

Imagine the freedom that your child will feel when they can finally get rid of those milk bottle glasses or the responsibility of having to put in, take out and maintain their contact lenses. Free from glasses or contact lenses your child can play without inhibition.

Halting Shortsightedness

Both our own anecdotal evidence and early scientific research suggest that using Ortho K based technology may reduce or even eliminate the progression of your child's myopia (shortsightedness). See for example this research paper published in PubMed more data on these studies.

Summary of benefits

  • Improved eye hygiene
  • Freedom from glasses or contact lenses
  • Improved, or unaffected, perceived appearance and self-worth
  • Unaffected ability to fit in with other children
  • Possible reduction or halting of progression of myopia

Child-related Testimonials


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