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Benefits of Orthokeratology - Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery promises to free those in need of vision correction from glasses or contact lenses forever, but just how safe is it, and will it really last for ever?

Is it safe?

Wearing glasses or contacts lenses can be irritating in more ways than one, but is laser eye surgery the only alternative? The daily routine of wearing contact lenses, or the hindrance of glasses, can be all too much for people with a really active lifestyle or a hectic schedule, but there are alternatives to surgery.

Reshaping the cornea

Eye surgery reshapes the cornea to effectively change the focal point of the eye so that it focuses on the retina. Results are fast and patients can have 20:20 vision just a few short days after the operation.

However, as with any surgery, there can be complications and it may not always turn out to be a permanent fix. Infections, inflammation or scarring can all occur and conditions such as keratectasia can arise. Perhaps one of the most ironic problems is that of dry eyes, familiar to contact lens users, which can also occur after eye laser surgery – just the problem users were trying to escape. Finally there is always the risk of over, or under correction, of the original problem which would leave the patient still requiring vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses.

Although problems may be relatively rare, potential surgery patients should still carefully consider these possible side effects before committing to surgery.

Wake and See is fully reversable

Wake and See offers a safe and more simple alternative to laser eye surgery. Unlike surgery it is fully reversible should users wish to go back to wearing glasses or contact lenses for any reason.

Wake and See offers users 20:20 vision without the need for surgery. You get all of the positives and none of the negatives.

If you are considering eye laser surgery why not try Wake and See first?


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