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Benefits of Wake and See Ortho K How Can I Benefit?

There are so many problems for anyone that has to wear glasses or contact lenses all day.

Many people complain that glasses and contact lenses don’t give them good, clear vision. Others find that glasses make their eyes tired or that contacts make them dry. There are many frustrations for anyone that needs to use some form of corrective eye wear.

Live your day without inhibition

Wake and See offers users the freedom to shop until they drop or to party until the early hours without the hassle, or limitations, of glasses or contact lenses. Wake and See offers users the freedom to feel glamorous and sophisticated at the party as well as maintaining perfectly clear vision.

Wake and See users will no longer need to buy several pairs of glasses for different occasions – they simply won’t need to wear glasses at all. As a user of Wake and See ‘treatment shells’ you can go out to special occasions completely naturally and show off your beautiful eyes to everyone.


Work is made more enjoyable - no more sting of dry eyes or tiredness as you strain to focus on PC monitors all day long.


Shopping becomes a breeze - no more trouble reading the label on the cereal box on the top shelf or the small print on the nutritional contents label.


Socialising and partying becomes a joy all night long.  Where before the smoke got in your eyes, causing irritation and dryness - with Wake and See you are no longer hampered by impaired vision.



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