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Benefits of Using Wake and See Ortho K

The benefits of Orthokeratology by Wake and See

The treatment behind Wake and See offers many kinds of benefits:


Wake and See gives you the freedom to work, play or socialise without the hassle or irritation of glasses or contact lenses. Read more about the benefits for adults...


Children can gain an increased sense of self-worth, are free to play and there is evidence to suggest that the use of this treatment can reverse myopia in Children. Read more about the benefits for children...


This is perfect for watersports or contact team sports where glasses or contact lenses are impractical and unsafe. Read more about the benefits for sports...

Alternative to eye laser surgery

Wake and See is a safe, harmless alternative to eye laser surgery. It eliminates the risk of invasive and costly surgery.  Read more about the benefits as an alternative to eye laser surgery...


  • Wake and See offers users 20:20 vision all day long without the need for any other vision correction.
  • Wake and See frees you from having to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. It eliminates dry, tired eyes.
  • Wake and See is affordable. At a low monthly cost compared to premium contact lenses there is little price difference. However when you consider the added advantages of natural 20:20 vision all day long, without any other form of vision correction, as well as no requirement to buy glasses or prescription sunglasses, Wake and See becomes the more cost effective solution.

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