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About Us

Rose Opticians network

Wake and See is a compelling alternative to the use of contact lenses or eye laser surgery in the treatment of myopia.

With its foundations in the successful practice of the Rose Optometrist group, Wake and See was born to offer a viable and effective alternative to the use of glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

Now available through selected qualified Optometrists, Wake and See is an independent specialist in orthokeratology-based treatments. Ortho K is practised under various different monikers such as 'Overnight Vision Correction', 'Corneal Refractive Therapy' and 'Dreamvision'.

Wake and See is not affiliated to any one particular brand. Because individual patients respond better to different approaches, Wake and See offers a personalised treatment using the brand most suitable for the customer, at affordable prices.

Company information

Wake and See Limited
Company number 06684455

Registered office:
583 Cranbrook Road
Gants Hill
United Kingdom

0800 0157 613

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