Perfect vision all day long. No glasses, no contacts, no surgery.

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Wake and See Orthokeratology Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery, Contact Lenses or Glasses

Extraordinary results for children
See how our treatment may reduce or even halt the onset of myopia
Do any sport
No more prescription goggles or suffering with contacts
Enjoy perfect vision all day long
No hassle, no risk

Innovative Vision Correction

Wake and See is an innovative vision correction solution that takes advantage of the latest developments in Orthokeratology (Ortho K). The treatment negates the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day and is a safe alternative to laser eye surgery.

Why Choose Wake and See Ortho K

  • 20:20 vision all day long without glasses, contacts lenses or surgery
  • Do any sport without eyesight inhibition
  • Every day benefits for adults, such as no more dry eye or grit irritation
  • Stabilise shortsightedness in children
  • No risk alternative to laser eye surgery and fully reversable
  • Independent - we’re not tied to a brand, we use what’s best for you
  • Full eyecare service provider - if alternative treatment is more suitable, we offer it
  • All our lenses have CE approval and most made in the UK

Real Life Testimonials

Case study image

Charlie Palmer Liberated to Run

Charlie was becoming increasingly irritated with the symptoms caused by wearing contacts. Four years ago he tried Ortho...view

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